Got this one this past Sunday. Just been busy with work and just now getting around to post. Its just a doe but thought id share.

We decided to take some does off this tract of land we've been hunting. So i got online and got my permit and headed to the woods .

I went to a spot where i knew id get a shot at some does. My finger has been getting itchy. Since we have been seeing some great bucks but they have just stayed out of bow range on us.

Got in the tree at 1:00 p.m. Saw the first deer at 1:30. Shot this doe at 3:30 p.m. She was 17.5 yards. I was up pretty high in the tree. She was quartering too more than i thought.

Got one lung part of the other the arrow exit thru the guts.

I thought i heard her crash about 60 yrs away in a thicket. The exit hole was plugged so there wasn't much blood. I followed the trail she ran and came up to her piled up.

Saw a total of 13 deer from 1:30 until the time i shot her.

A buddy that films with me shot a nice 8 pointer that same afternoon as well. We went back the next day to find him

The rage broad head he used the blades came completely out \:o along with the hex head screw.

She dressed at 87 lbs.......

I hate putting the timer on the camera to take a pic. After the drag sweating my butt off......

Entry hole of the Shuttle T broad head i was using......

Well we found my buddies deer the next morning. It was a 6 pointer instead of a 8 pointer. He didnt know it didnt have brow tines. This deer had ended up being shot before. Looked like a wound from last year ( rifle ) Its front leg was messed up pretty bad.

You can see the hole the rage broadhead made. But this deer was quartering away a litte harder than he thought. Im still shocked the way the blades just came undone. The arrow only went in half way the backed back out. We did the right thing of backing back out and waiting till the next morning. This deer only ran 80yrs and laid down. A bobcat had started to eat on him.

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