Ray & Sue Nowak made the long trek South from Chicago for the Holidays. They tried to book last year but somebody beat them to it... so this year Ray set the date(s) many months ago.

Ray and Sue are serious anglers... muskie are their favorite fish but they really wanted to do battle with a big blue. They both got their chance today... and Ray didn't waste anytime. He nailed his big fish literally within five minutes of putting a line in the water. I figured that was going to be a real good sign, or a real bad sign.

This fish was mean... and Ray wasn't used to the tackle so he sort of babied it. I'm sure it took 15 minutes-plus for him to whip the 45 lber.. Ray was pretty cool, but I was a nervous wreck. It was his Personal Best fish ever... of any species.

It was a typical slow winter bite. We missed several good hits, but boated eleven, including a 33 lber. that Sue stuck in the afternoon. In the afternoon the wind gave us fits. But the eleven fish in the boat totaled 145 pounds.

The picture of Ray is lousy. He really didn't care if he had a picture or not and really wanted to get the brute back in the water.

I love the shot of Sue working hard to tame her 33.

And Ray just barely got Sue in the picture with her big one. You can't see her behind the fish but I think she was smiling.

We're doing it again tomorrow, and hopefully going to mix in some crappie. Which means life is good and gettin' better every day.
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