My dad made these for his dogs and his chickens so he doesn't have to break the ice for them to get water when it freezes.Im gonna try to explain it the best I can.Get you a 5 gal bucker and cut the middle out half way around it about half way up,enough for the chickens to get their head in and you to be able to pour water in it.Then leave the lid on the bucket and put you a light socket in the lid faceing down toward the water and put you a 40 or 60 watt light bulb in the socket and plug it in.It will keep the water from freezing and you won't have to worry about it freezeing/checking on them.I hope you guys can understand what im saying,if not I can get pics of his if you need to.Of course you will have to have electricity ran to your chicken house or where ever your going to use it.
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