In recent years the Winter Crappie Bite on Chickamauga lake seems to be getting better and better. Last year December was incredible. But with water temps now approaching 60 degrees, it's about that time again.

I fished Saturday and Sunday... but horrible wind wiped out hope for crappie on Saturday so we went after cats. They didn't disappoint.

More manageable winds on Sunday. Me and Billy Bouymaster whacked a few slabs.

Fishing experience definitely helps when Winter Crappie fishing (on Chickamauga anyway). It is super finesse fishing... 1/32nd oz. jigs usually in 20 or 25 feet of water. It's important to be able to cast light jigs good distances, have the patience to let them get down where they need to be, "finesse 'em" back to the boat and detect very light strikes. But master that and it's easy.

We caught a lot of short fish Sunday. At least half, probably more, were 9-inch throwbacks. But Billy took home 16 solid slabs, plus several spotted bass.

Life is good and gettin' better every day!

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