I have the new dxt and I put my Optimizer Ultra Site on it . The problems is when I screw it in at its lowest position like the instructions say to do, then 'dial it in' shooting from 20 yds, it is registering at the 42 mark. - Which means when I shoot from 60 yds as per the instructions, there is not enough room left on the dial to even get close to this long distance range... I can go to about 45-50 yds and Im 'out of dial.'

HHA said they would send me a free "conversion piece "that fixes" most problems. This is a nice gesture ,but I hate to think that I have to modify these two very expensive pieces of equipment.
Im worried this 'modification' is going to put a patch on something that was not meant to be mended.
Ultimately ,Im afraid it will alter the shot because it will lift the site off the riser more than it is meant to be done... causing it to shoot "at an angle."

** Has any one had this happen to them?
Did you use the conversion piece? Were you satisfied??
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