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#875995 - 08/19/08 03:08 PM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: bob]
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In tubs honor I thought I'd make two posts for one reply??

It is after all a river stocked every other month with thousands upon thousands of stupid fish willing to eat just about anything. Lay off the Ego maniac pills man.

BTW how many Boneís you got so far? How about Snook, Tarpon, or Wahoo? Bet you really slay them lady fish with that jerkbait donít ya. Come on great master of all waters far and near, share the pics of those monster saltwater fish you been catching on the all inclusive all fish slaying, husky jerk. We all want to see themÖ. Real fishing is a b!tch isnít it?

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#876094 - 08/19/08 04:07 PM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: bob]
captain hook
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I actually think they are somewhat easier to catch on a fly. I am a purist fly-fisherman but never see many experienced fly fisherman ever get out fished by bait chunkers.
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#876130 - 08/19/08 04:24 PM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: shorefisherman]
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Uhhh oh!!!...In before fordman chimes in \:D
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#876244 - 08/19/08 05:46 PM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: shorefisherman]
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FINALLY, a pissing contest with a Caney Fork post in it. :rolleyes:
#876338 - 08/19/08 07:12 PM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: timeless]
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The only thing I have to add is that it sounds like Shorefisherman had a great day on the fork. Glad to hear it.
#879333 - 08/21/08 09:58 AM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: Fordman]
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Offline guys still enver got it. Well, to be honest...I don't see any pics from you guys, so how can I assume? We've fished along side down river of guides many times nad outfished them. NOthing personal...shared pics and the works. You fish with whatever you want, if you're a cool guy and are open to new tactics, I have no problem. Once again, I fish with flyfishermen, but they're not morons. The people who know me know I really don't have an ego, I'm just very outspoken and when I have an opinion I have it for a reason and will hold to it until proven otherwise. I have seen so many poor anglers out there on that river who are just weekend guys get conned into this stupid stupid game that yuo're not really fishing out there until you fly fish. Been at the ramp when its a HUGE deal for a guy to pay 500 bucks a day and he the cornerstone fish of the day is a 20" fish, when some rednecks pull up next with 2-3 that size and a 24". Here's what I'm saying... say that jerkbait fishing is easy. To cast and throw a jerkbait? Yes, I won't argue that...but you can do that till your blue in the face, but if youd on't know how and where to throw the bait nor what to do with it you won't catch fish no matter WHAT you're doing. Fly fishing just complicated the very process of getting the lure to the fish in the first place, and I've yet to see a presentation, at least for BROWN trout [rainbows are a different story, but Istill think one could do just as well with eggs or worms presented well, if not better] that can outproduce big jerkbaits...they're too versatile, efficient, and they trigger the instinct of piscivorous browns unlike any other thing I've seen. It's not a feeding instinct, it's areaction strike most of the time, and you can make a following brown commit just like a following musky with those baits. "PURIST" is one of the most arrogant terms I'VE ever heard, meaning "you're too good to use the plebiean methods"...WHO CARES WHAT YOU CATCH THEM ON! I fished alongside a REAL guide who made 80000-90000 a year guiding CEntral TN and Port St. Jo in Florida as a fly guide, and we would joke back and forth about which method was better and still do in good spirits, but man...most of the time, guess who walked out the winner? It wasn't about that...but all I nkow is what I observe. I don't see ANY pics up here from other anglers on the Caney of any sizable fish to speak of besides what I, Shore,and Biglures put up from our [their, now] trips. Simply for validation of what we say...

Arrogant? That fly guide out of BPS put a frickin' Ictus John 3:16 fish on his card! And he STOLE spots from people, would ask for their knowledge without paying, and THEN go charge people to take them out. What...a...joke...but hey, there were people that thought he was some kind of pro because he held a flyrod and worked in a fly shop. I guess that's why he never liked my pictures to occasionally find their way on that board... fact, I referenced fly fishermen who I overheard talking about hiring him out on the river one day, telling them I knew a young man from Tech whom I was good friends with who would be happy to show them flyfishing on the Caney, and gave them his number and hours he could be reached at BPS when he worked there. When those folks called the shop looking for this young man, the guy went into a fit, saying "how this kid was taking clients away from him"...did he really deserve them in the first place? Btw, Troy, Mr. Simms? I've referenced guys wanting to flyfishing down on the Caney to you two, although to be quite frank, I throw the more seasoned trophy hunters who ask to Mr. Anderson. He's got the pics to prove it...Not a better angler in Central TN I had yet to meet. But I also say...for alot less money and alot less headache...they can catch probably just as many fish and more likely bigger fish doing what I do than that. And that's true...

Btw, any of you GUIDES willing to try putting some big ol live trout behind planer boards? Oh bad. I bet you guys also believe that missionary is the ONLY way to go huh?...

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#879346 - 08/21/08 10:04 AM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: Tubakka]
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Snook and reds? Well...I've got a buddy down here who knwos alot about it, but I've yet to be abnle to buckle down adn get the tackle ands uch to throw into it. I've been with him a couple times and so far, my best red has been 48" and snook was 43", but he's taken reds to 60" and snook to 50"...throwing jigs off a pier in the outgoing tide. Guy's an artist though...I've never seen a guy be able to interpret bottom structure with simply his bait, using a jig...he draws out the structure with his mind. Oh yeah, and then he comes up to TN and trout fishes and does alright, but then goes striper fishing below Cordell and gets fish to 53 lbs doing the EXACT SAME THING. Amazing angler...
#879367 - 08/21/08 10:10 AM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: Tubakka]
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Registered: 12/19/07
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Loc: Tennessee

And for the record, I'll use the tool [lure] that is dictated by the situation at hand. I'm sure snook and reds can be caught on jerkbaits, but not when they're related to the bottom in current 20 feet down. In t hat case, it's jigs. I never claimed to be master of all waters, but I'm no fool...I do know a good amount about fishing just from listening to the right people. As far as getting the actual experience behind it...I've got another 60 years at least.
#879415 - 08/21/08 10:48 AM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: Tubakka]

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I'm starting to wonder how I ever caught a fish. I never read Buck's book, I never fished with Al and I never met Tubs.

Aint life grand? We have our own court jester and he don't even live here.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.

#879573 - 08/21/08 12:32 PM Re: Shad kill !!! [Re: Tubakka]
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 Originally Posted By: Tubakka
I bet you guys also believe that missionary is the ONLY way to go huh?...

Honestly, I'd like a little more variety, but your mom seems to prefer sticking with the classics.


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