Those of you heading through Knoxville to the BPS in Seiverville Might want to check out Gander Mtn in West Knoxville as well.As they also have a sale going on(2008 Archery Event).

Haven't done a alot of ad compareing between the 2 ads as nothing that sad GET ME or HAVE to HAVE IT jumped out at me.However one item I did notice was Gander did have the New Marlin XL-7 Bolt listed @ 319$ 270 or 30/06.

I looked one over the other night,if it shoots as good as it handles and feels it could well be be the best buy in its class. Slick and Smooth action better than the Savage/Stevens. Sales guy couldn't find the 06 in it which was good for me. ;\) \:D

I meant to post earlier but got side tracked and forgot.

Also there is Gun Show at the Merchants Rd 1-75 Expo Center this weekend as well.

Btw Didn't see the Marlin at BPS today.
Have a Great Day and God Bless

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