I used to target them on their spawning run up the big muddy river to the Crab Orchard dam in S. Illinois during late May. for 2 weeks you could go down in 2 hours and catch 50-60, at least hook up. Biggest one was a great 52" longnose that gave me a ride...some huge bowfindown there too...the most underrated gamefish on the planet. They fight they taste good, they have incredible acrobatics, and are relatively attractive and hit conventional lures and tackle AS WELL as flies [streamers] in lush backwater areas. The largest gar i saw down there was a 57" longnose that had gotten itself entangled in some chain link fence that came unraveled and died....one heck of an animal. Would love to see thea lligator gar program come to full fruition by the time my kids are old enough to fish and enjoy it. What a game fish....thankyou John Fox for overharvesting the Red River...jerk.