I've been spending a little of my children's inheritance. I'm going to pick up my DSA certified slightly used Horton HD175 Crossbow. I spent the afternoon with my son in law, bore sighting my Weatherby 7mm Rem Mag rifle, and sighting in my Remington 11-87 12ga. shotgun. We used my Shooters Ridge Deluxe rifle Rest, this is what I'm going to mount on a heavy duty tripod to control my tremor issue, and while using this afternoon, it made a major difference in the recoil of my Weatherby 7mm Rem Mag. I love this rifle, lots of power, I shot it once on shoulder and it kicks like a mule, but it's nothing I couldn't handle during gun season, if it wasn't for the tremor issue.
Heres the pics of all the guns, and rifles I now own, I love my 7mm, and my 11-87, my little Thompson Center Black Diamond 50 cal. ML, and I through a pic of the rifle that got me back in the woods last year, My Yugo SKS military rifle, its a good shooter of the sights.
Heres the pic.
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