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I am a BT man (for whitetails with impact velocity under 3000 fps), but I know their limitations! Besides, they don't make a 200 gr BT in 30 cal. I actually hunted as much this trip with my 7mm-08, and it's pushing the 140gr BT's.

Although I'm proficient out to 600 yards, I don't intentionally set up far away from where I think the deer will come out. For example, the location I was hunting when I shot this deer, I had the little bucks at only 150 yards, and the big does at a touch over 100 yards. I shot my big buck from the same spot and he was 323 yards. But this set up does allow me to cover around 60 acres of prime deer habitat as long as the wind isn't blowing. If there's any wind to speak of, I'll hunt stand locations limited to around 300 yards. The other advantage is that I can hunt this spot and the deer never even realize I was there unless I shoot. In other words, I can remove the 'hunting pressure' factor which might cause the deer to alter their movements or push them off the property.

Was funny with ya on the BT.

That second part above shows just how smart you are and what all of us should know and do.
Know there Rifle/Setup and It's & There Limints and to hunt accordingaly. ;\)
Have a Great Day and God Bless

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