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If I were you I would look at the Lyman Great Plains Rifle in 54 cal with the 32 inch barrel. I have been told this is the closest rifle being factory produced to a hawkins rifle. They are very accurate. Get the 1-66 twist barrel for patched round ball. Hope this helps.

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Lyman is a very good gun but i also like my Thompson Center Hawken. The first thing i did with it was to take the barlle off and put on a new Green Mountain 1 in 66 twist for patched round ball..According to a lot of people on this board it isn't supposed to be able to kill deer.. I only wish they had told before i had dropped 63 with it!! Been hunting with Flintlock for 27 years now and i will bet you will like it also...

I have a lyman great plains rifle and a Thompson Center Hawken. and they both shoot well . Both are allowed in the primitive shoots around here so it depends on what you can get a good deal on
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