Seems like I am fighting them or babying them to keep them working. I am down to 4 that are "working". By that I mean almost kind of working. I have a Primos DPS that is working as design. A bushnell that it bought last year that would take night pictures. Sent it back and got that fixed, but the display just went out in it. It takes pics just can't program time/date:mode. Picked up two Stealth unit X cameras this year. One works (goes through batteries like my 14yo boy goes through grocerys) and the other misses a ton of pictures. Put in the same tree as the bushnell and the Bush gets 278 pictures while the stealth got 12.

Has anyone found a camera they like? I figure buying cheaper units is costing me more than if I could find a higher end camera that would last and not eat batteries. Looking at the Leopolds. If what I read is right you buy a camera and controller which is pricey, but after you have a controller you can then buy just the cameras which aren't too bad. Hoping their name built on scopes carries over to their game cameras