I've been shooting almost daily since FEB. Shooting indoor bullseye tourneys and 3d on the weekends.

What I have started doing in mid July is

Instead of trying to shoot for absolute best pinpoint accuracy. I know I can do that.

I am working on shooting outside my comfort zone. Shooting much faster than I would normally shoot say in a 3d tournament or if I was trying to shoot a impressive group for someone.

What I am finding is the mechanics are all there. The fundamentals are all there. My groups are opening up but not as much as you would suspect.

On my 3D target I am still sinking in all kill shots inside the 8 ring up to 35 yards with a snap shot. Bow in low ready and drawing up and pretty much releasing it once it hits my anchor point and the peep is aligned with the sights.

I feel confident once bow season gets here that anything inside 35 yards is going down for the hard count!