Stopped at TSC today for some lag bolts for a deck I'm working on.

I always check out the clearance and discounted stuff when I'm there.

They had a Kawasaki Circular saw (Regularly $75.00) marked down to $15.00. Tag said "WIll not run".

Well, it was evident by wear on the blade and some saw dust that it worked at some point. But the saw itself looked brand new. I gambled on what the problem could have been. I suspected it was a faulty trigger or malfunctioning safely button.

I got home and tore into it. There was a loose ground/return on the trigger but after fixing that it still didn't work but I was getting juice to and from the trigger now. So I removed the cover for the motor.

There was a stuck brush. I figured they overheated it. Probably got the blade pinched and laid on the trigger like it was 4 wheel drive or something. I used some penetrating oil and knife to free up the brush and then filed it slightly to keep it from getting stuck again.

Screwed it all back together and cut 3 2X8's to test it out.

$15.00 and 10 minutes of labor for a brand new circular saw.


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