tructural confusion is a strategy, and this White House has perfected the skill of using confusion to outwit the opposition.

Various downstream factions of political opposition are predictably breaking apart under the flow of illegal immigration issues President Obama is controlling upstream.

People in Murrietta California standing guard to block the transfer of illegal aliens into their neighborhood; and at the same time you have Glenn Beck loading teddy bears and bottled water into tractor trailers headed to detainment camps.

You’ve got Catholic social welfare organizations collecting clothes and food, while the non-borders crowd are beating drums in front of the White House demanding amnesty.

Middle America is torn. Average people want the border secured, but advocacy toward that end will only result in the media labeling them bigots. Somehow a reasonable desire for simple peace, and a secure border under the rule of law, is an extremist position.

Just about the time you come up for air – someone will scream at you: “everything is so political now”!

….It’s exhausting.

Meanwhile, just around the corner from the chaos – there is a crew grinning ear to ear. That team is happy because it’s only inside this whirlwind dynamic their actions can be disguised.

obama-yapping-blah-blah-blah-speech-sad-hill-news2On one hand you see President Obama and his fellow travelers say they are opposed to the illegal influx and committed to stopping it. That’s nice. That’s also what middle America wants/needs to hear – so that becomes the political narrative that must be said.

However, on the unseen hand the same people are giving instructions to the federal agencies to continue promoting the immigration process and affirming the amnesty intent. This is what the open border crowd, and the professional “social engineers” want, and need to see.

You can watch them try to hide the agenda in this video:

President Obama can only get away with this so long as everyone -who would normally be watching- becomes distracted and focused on their faction issue.

With everyone running around bumping into walls, the sunlight is avoided.

So President Obama asks for $3.7 Billion.

However, upon inspection only $109 million could even be interpreted as “border security related”. The other $3.6 Billion can be considered embedding or facilitating costs. Dan Cadman has a good perspective.

Reciting the entire litany of questionable items that pop out at me when I read the request is beyond the boundaries of a blog. But here are a few of the things that garnered my attention and concern:

• Of the $3.7 billion being requested, fully $1.8 billion (about 49 percent of the total) is for resettlement costs to be appropriated to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) — not just for the UACs, but for entire family units, including adult men and women.

There is no reason to think that the accommodations will be temporary, insofar as the funds include authorization “for acquisition, construction, improvement, repair, operation, and maintenance of real property and facilities.”

• There is a “general provision” in the request which, under the guise of limiting reprogramming or reallocating of funds once appropriated, in fact gives the administration the right to move as much as 30 percent of the monies around as they choose. (Past history suggests that such reprogramming is usually limited to 10 percent of appropriated funds, unless specifically approved by Congress.)

• The Department of Justice (DOJ) would be given $15 million to hire attorneys to defend the UACs against deportation in removal proceedings before an immigration judge. An additional $1.1 million would be given to DOJ for “immigration litigation attorneys” who, presumably, would assist alien adults in their proceedings.

It is clear that such litigation attorneys are not prosecutors, who are called “trial attorneys” and work for DHS, not DOJ. In essence, Congress is being asked to approve the executive branch’s violation of the law. Section 292 of the Immigration and Nationality Act specifically prohibits representation of aliens in immigration proceedings at government expense.

• Much of the so-called “enforcement” portion of the budget is not truly geared toward removal; rather, it is a recouping of costs for temporary detention and subsequent transporting of aliens (including adults) to facilitate their resettlement and relocation by HHS.

(It is noteworthy that, according to a leaked Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Intelligence document, fully 47 percent of the arrivals are adults, who should be subjected to expedited removal, not to relocation and resettlement.)

• A meager $109 million is being requested to facilitate anti-smuggling investigative efforts, which, according to Secretary Johnson’s statements and testimony in other venues, are supposed to be one of the crown-jewels in his 14-point plan to stem the surge.

In any case, such efforts are destined to limited success. This is because the United States has very little influence over ineffectual or corrupt police and military services in the source and transit countries, to ensure that they root out criminal gangs responsible for the smuggling.

On the U.S. side, the ones responsible for predicating the effort through contact with, and payment to, the gangs are often the parents or other relatives of those being smuggled and, rather than investigate and prosecute such individuals to the full extent of the law, the government instead acts as the ultimate delivery agent, passing along the smuggled-but-apprehended alien to the people who paid to have him or her smuggled. And at the border proper, the ones who act as the guides for groups being smuggled are low-level nothings; the equivalent of mules. They are easily replaceable and their capture disrupts nothing.

So the government takes a hands-off approach to the UACs being smuggled, and after a few days of detention and make-work processing, passes them over to the ones who initiated the venture; it then takes a hands-off approach to the people who want to take possession of the ready-for-release smuggled UACs and families (even if those people are themselves illegal aliens).

It’s a closed circle of illogic. Little will come of any anti-smuggling program, except to permit the secretary to say he’s fulfilling his 14-point plan. Perhaps that is why the administration isn’t spending much more than chump change on the effort. (more) If congress gives President Obama this $3.7 billion nothing will change except the funds will exist to embed the estimated newly arrived 800,000 illegal aliens into the U.S. social welfare system. But if you don’t approve of it, well, you’re a bigot – or, something.
"To find out who your real rulers are, simply look to those whom you CANNOT criticize..."