I am a short draw length shooter like yourself. 27inch.

Like you I am constantly looking for that flat trajectory fast speed bow.

Depends on what you can handle pull wise.

Ive Tested about every bow out there and the one I found that came closest to what I was looking for in speed and draw cycle was the Bowtech RPM360

With a 27inch draw and set at 60 lbs and a 334 grain total weight arrow 25.5 inches I was getting 299 FPS. Figure about 280ish for the 26 inch draw. That is about as fast as you are going to get with a Factory draw 60 lb bow. Step up to 70 lb limbs and you might sqeek out 10-15 more FPS.

The Bowtech Carbon Knight and Experience are not too far behind the RPM360 but have a much different draw cycle. Depends on what you like as far as a draw cycle.

The Hoyt Faktor Turbo is another one of those bows built for speed. With the 27inch draw length and the 334 total weight arrows I was getting right around 285 with that set up. It was by far the quietest bow I shot of the bunch and had the smoothest of the draw cycles of the bunch.

In all honesty you just gotta try them to see which one fits you the best and which one you shoot the best. That is what I did. Let the bow pick you.

I wound up with the Carbon Knight From Bowtech because it suits my needs the best and I shot it the best. I wanted the lightest bow possible to hunt with. I hate heavy bows.

I got a single fixed pin sight and with a 27 yard dead on Point of impact at 20 yards I am 1 inch hight at 30 yards I am 1 inch low and at 35 yards I am 5 inches low. So for Zero to 30 I just hold dead nuts. For 35 yard shots I just hold a tad high of the heart just below the spine. For 40 yards I just hold at the spine as it drops about 9 inches.

But there is my speed report.