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That sucks, man. Injuries are frustrating. I'm guessing that, after recovery, you are going to have to spend a lot of time warming up and stretching that muscle before doing anything.

I was actually doing more warmups then I ever had in my life already. Calf raises from a low heel point - hamstring stretches - couple more leg stretches too.. I "guess" the only other thing I could do differently is walk a few minutes too before jogging?
Pretty discouraging when considering the weiner pace I was jogging at anyway. Previously I had run 8+ mph on .5 to 1 mile runs on a treadmill as part of an HIIT thing I was doing - NEVER warmed up. Not sure but maybe the fact that I had not run on the road in 30 years got me.. WHo knows

Yeah, the pavement can be hard on you. I usually walk as fast as I can for a quarter or mile or so before I start running. When I transition into running, its initially at a slower pace that what I was walking at. It will also help if you stretch then do something for 2-5 minutes to get the blood flowing (jumping rope is great for this, but you could also do a quick round of air squats, push ups, pulls ups and/or situps) and then stretch again before running. Once you have got the blood flowing and then stretch, you're muscles will be warmed up.
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