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One if the most inaccurate articles I've read lately. P90X truly did change my life! I was in the gym - LOTS of resistance (after having done nothing for 15 years) and not going where I needed to in regards to overall body challenge/overall body health. P90X took my blood pressure from 155/100 to 130/72 - increased my: endurance, 1st ab's I'd ever seen on me, veins popping out in my arms etc that I'd never seen - all that at 48 yrs old. My metabolism was SO high I honestly felt 20 yrs younger! Now, my sons health went south - I took 1.5 yrs off and am starting over in many regards....however keeping p90x integrated into my multi-workout program will get me where I want to be....if I'll do the work.. Tony is an annoying dude but that workout is awesome!! 51 and I'll be doing my weekly plyometrics P90X Friday - P90X chest/back as soon as I lay this IPad down right now \:\)
I've added in T25 too since cardio is what my body demands more of, at 51, but I will keep P90X resistance for sure as is simply ROCKS

Awesome! I'm really into exercise prescription and that's why I was curious of the opinions of those who have tried it. I think the fact that you have someone on TV exhorting you to keep at it is also in part what makes it so successful. It's easy to quit in the gym when you're by yourself but harder when someone is telling you to give everything you have.


Not only do you have someone going at you from tv, but if you purchase the programs from a Beachbody coach, you have them and a support / accountability group behind you. It's always a good thing for me when I start to slack off to get someone to hold me accountable.

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