This online store rocks. Their prices on hunting gear are fantastic. I'm a frugal spender, so I'm always shopping for the best deal when I know what I want. I've been wanting a Plotwatcher Pro HD time lapse video camera for a while, but I've been unwilling to spend the $250 that Cabela's, Bass Pro and all the big name stores want for it. recently dropped their price down to $207 ($225 with sales tax), so I thought about buying one. I did another online price search and saw that was selling it for $175. With my membership it was only $167. I can't wait to get it set up.

Other good examples:

Lone Wolf Alpha II treestand. $250 at Cabela's, Bass Pro, Gander, etc. Only $200 at with membership.

Lone Wolf Climbing sticks. $140 at Cabela's, Bass Pro, Gander, etc. Only $112 at with membership.

Trufire Hardcore release. $100 at Cabela's and Bass Pro. Only $72 at with membership.

Spypoint BF-6 black flash trail camera. $150 at Bass Pro. Only $100 at with membership.

Muck Woody Max boot. $180 at Bass Pro and Gander. Only $114 at with membership.

The membership is a one-time only fee of $25. There is no sales tax and shipping fees are reasonable. The membership is also good at their sister store (

Between archery tackle, a new bow, treestands and accessories, trail cameras, scent control products, and the other hunting gear I've bought from them in the past 3 years, I've saved hundreds more than the $25 membership fee.

Heck, I just saved about $50 on that Plotwatcher Pro HD. That covers my $25 membership 2 times over.

Oh yeah - their membership is free for all current and retired members of the US Military! \:\)

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