I am no different than anyone else in this contest. I have Moderator Powers for the sake of getting this contest going, maintaining things during the contest, and to keep the contest chatter to a minimum on the regular turkey forum…. That’s why we were given a sub-forum(s). When it’s necessary, I will do what needs doing in either forum. Because I am on a team, and team captain, I have captain responsibilities same as the other captains. If at any time an issue comes up that could result in a conflict of interest, one or more of the other Mods or Admin will be brought into the situation for a solution. I will answer any concerns or questions from an unbiased standpoint.

X.) I expect everyone to be adults and if you are playing in this contest, be responsible in your position on the team. This contest is for FUN, no major prizes/monies will be awarded although I have been told that the winning team members will receive a new TnDeer.com sticker, and maybe a hat if there are some available.

X). I asked each group to appoint a captain, I will also suggest each group officially/unofficially appoint a co-captain to take over the weekly captain duties should the captain be unable to do so or to assist the captain in maintaining the team scores/pics.

X). All birds will be scored according to the NWTF scoring guidelines. Be sure to use the proper conversions when needed. I have posted some links for info on this in the 2014 Contest sub-forum. Any bird, taken anywhere, by legal means, and by a registered TnDeer.com member can be entered in the contest. Example pics will be posted showing how measurement pics should look.

X). All measurements must be taken from a whole/complete bird.... if you cut any part off before taking measurements and pictures showing said measurements, entry is void.

X). ALL MULTIBEARDED BIRDS MUST HAVE A DOCUMENTING PHOTO CLEARLY SHOWING THE SEPERATION BETWEEN THE BEARDS. Any entry not showing this photo will be scored as a single bearded bird (using the longest beard as usual). Split beards do not count as a multi beard.

X.) Be honest with your measurements/pics….. if a measurement is shy of the next measurement, just go with the “for sure” measurement…. It’s for fun, a percent of a point won’t make much difference, and not worth the associated drama. I would rather go with a measurement that is there and be safe, than to fudge it and be called out on it by another team.

X.) If you have an issue with another teams or member pics/measurement(s), notify your captain with the members username and a reference picture concerning the issue in question. Your captain can get with me and we can get the situation resolved. After a 2 week period, pics are final and no complaints can be filed.

X.) At the end of the contest, the teams will have their scores gone over for verification. This will be done by a council of the team captains. A captain can verify any team score with the exception of his own team.

X.) Each team will have a set of threads “Team Kill Thread” and a “Contest Score Thread” or a sub-forum for each team with those threads to post in if we can get them added. The “TKT” is for posting a kill pic and the story to share with the team/group…. The “CST” is for turkey “documentation” pics ONLY, no discussion. Also, those threads with “Team Names” as specified above are ONLY for those teams to be posting to/in.

X.) “Trash Talk” or TT belongs in the TT thread and in that thread only. If you want to congratulate a person on a turkey, feel free…. But don’t be cluttering up another teams’ threads with TT/junk.

X.) It will be the team captain’s responsibility to make sure team scores are updated weekly (Sunday night/Monday morning) so a weekly running score can be kept. Each team captain/co-captain should update me with their weekly team score breakdown so I can post it in a “running team tally” and then a “running team contest score”. When all teams are finalized, I will send out a PM to all team captains to make sure they are clear on the “running team tally” and the “running team contest score”.

X.) It is each team members’ responsibility to submit their kill(s) along with proper documentation (photos of measurements). If a member submits a turkey and in the following days takes a larger scoring bird, make the usual post in the “Team Kill” thread along with the word “UPGRADE”. The word “UPGRADE” should be the first word in the post so as to draw attention that you have an upgrade to enter.

X.) 1 Bird submitted per hunter/team member.

X.) Contest score will be calculated by the sum of the top 8 highest scoring birds.

X). It is each teams responsibility to police themselves, their pics for the proper documentation, and their measurements. Take good, clear/focused pictures. You may need to get a friend/family member to help in doing so.

X). Proper documentation photos showing measurements, using NWTF guidelines for scoring) will include pics of:

Turkey on a scale (overall turkey on scale & a little closer pic showing weight reading is acceptable).

Beard from protrusion of skin to the end of the longest beard strand (measuring ends of tape measure must be visible in photo)

Left & Right Spurs

A score sheet listing:

Member Username & Date
Team Name
Turkey Weight
L & R Spur Lengths
Beard(s) Length
And Calculated NWTF Score.

The score sheet can be a fancy version with your team logo printed on it or a plain white piece of paper with the above listed details legibly printed on it with a marker or sharpie.

X). Contest will end when every team member is done hunting. Some states have seasons that extend past the Tennessee season. IF you are hunting past the Tn. Season, it is your responsibility to notify and update your team captain of that fact so that he can keep me updated…. otherwise you will be considered finished. When everyone is done hunting, contest will end and the scores will be reviewed.