I used this crossbow a little last year and some this year since I can't pull my bow back.
I borrowed it from a friend of mine who bought it new 2 years ago.
I am thinking he told me he has like $1,100 tied up in it.

It has a three dot ten point scope on it that can be turned to red or green.
It also has the hand crank system on it. You can cock it with literally two fingers.

He is having pretty severe health issues and wants to buy his new grandson a rifle and he wants an encore.
He said he is kind of a hurry because he really doesn't know how long he is going to live.

He offered it to me to keep if I would buy him an Encore for it.
I honestly just don't care for crossbow hunting or I would do it.
If I had the money I would just buy him an encore and give it to him but I just can't do that.

I am thinking, after some research it is worth at least $400.00 so if anyone wants it I will sell it for that.

Or if anyone has a used Encore they would trade for it I would do that too.

It has been shot to sight it in and he has never shot at a deer with it.
I shot at two this year with it and that is all it has ever been shot.

I would really like to get him a rifle out of this, he is a good good man.

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