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What is the benefit of white mold? Is it edible? Does it go away?

The white mold is indeed edible and does not go away. In a curing culture, you have have 2 kinds of mold: good (white) and bad (green, black or any other color). Once white mold takes root, it will prevent the other kinds from forming. If you get green mold, it is not the end of the world. You can save sausages by washing them with vinegar solution and then scrubbing your chamber with the same. Generally speaking, once white mold has taken hold of your sausage, it is "safe" and could be carried around with your in fluctuating environments until ready to eat. (This is one of the reasons that the Romans were able to concur so much of the world)

Some folks use starter cultures to achieve white molds, but, an artisan charcuterists will allow for indigenous molds to form. Once you have white mold in your curing chamber, you simply keep feeding it meat as your are removing meats that are fully cured. A guy told me that he had a pancetta covered in white mold after one day in his chamber. I have some white mold in mine, but not a whole lot and it only seems to be growing on certain sausages.


Good info. That image is intense though!

Is that even edible still?