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I bet I know what you're doing at the longer distance. Since it is a bit unfamiliar to you, I bet you have shifted your anchor a smidge and or are unintentionally aiming a bit high. I catch myself doing it too at the longer yardages.

On a side note...here's a Crow story for you. It has already been said in this thread that shooting at longer distance makes the shorter yardages easy. Well...lemme tell ya what that can also do: It can lead to a severe case of over confidence and then an Un Oh with a "chip shot". Trust me...talking from experience here. Prior to my first ASA Pro/Am, I had been practicing at longer yardages for this very reason...to try and make the short shots seem easier. What actually happened was...I was nailing the longer shots and then walking up on the short ones, and thinking I had an easy 12...and then fudge on them. Every short distance target we had that shoulda/coulda/woulda been EASY 12s...I ended up shooting bad. I even shot a 5 on one of them at like 18 yards...but drilled 12s on all of the 28-31 yd targets. I learned right then and there...don't take short shots for granted as being easy. I think the big part of it is that you really concentrate at the far yardages...and then when you walk up on a close target..you don't concentrate as hard, and or rush the shot; and you end up hitting bad.

Archery innovations anchor sight will cure that and for sure your long range shooting will help your short range shooting.

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