Ok, here it goes. I haven't hunted in two years of any kind. So this morning I decide to go out and try to get a mess of squirrels. First shot. Dead in the tree. I hate it but what can you do. Second shot fell in the river. Not going well. Third shot. Another dead in the tree. Ok. At this time I think, well. Maybe this is not the day for me. So I head out back to my truck only to find this numbskull with my drivers door open setting in the seat. I immediately yell at him to get out of my truck. He just look at me and said that it was his truck. What do I do. I call the county boys with out him knowing. They show up and get him out. Found out that he was a mental patient at a local nut house that somehow got loose. Fortunately he was unarmed. The county boys drove away with him beating his head on the window. Nothing was taken out of my truck. But I still don't know how he got in. My truck was locked. The keys in my pocket. After this. I think I am done hunting. Nut jobs are the reason I haven't hunted in two years. Had stands stolen. Truck broke into three years ago. So. With all that said. I am mad as Hell. and I think I'm hangin up the boots for good. I'm tired of stupid and crazy people screwing things up for honest, hard working people who just want to enjoy the outdoors.
Sorry it's so long but I just wanted to vent.
God, Family and Friends, you cannot have to much of either.

Will you stand alone before those that oppose Christ? Yes, I will.