Embracing advice from responding police following a home break-in where she hid from intruders, former Michigan State House representative and failed Detroit mayoral candidate Lisa Howze may decide to carry a gun, The Detroit News reported last Wednesday.

The officer told me its time to get my CPL license, Howze told the press. I had resisted for a long time, saying, no, Im not getting a gun, Im not getting a gun. Now Im not resisting.

Why a concealed carry permit would be useful in a home robbery was left unsaid, so the assumption must be that she intends to carry a gun in public. This has some pro-gun comment posters hopeful that they have a convert and a new ally for the cause of liberty.

Such wishful thinking may end in disappointment. After all, Dianne Feinstein notoriously obtained a concealed carry permit when she feared for her life, but that never slowed down her efforts to disarm her constituents and everyone else.


Howze is a doctrinaire Detroit Democrat. When she had a chance to expand authorized concealed carry locales to protect against mass shooters, she voted Nay.

She gave her reasons why in an interview last year, when she promulgated a telling Only Ones interpretation of the Second Amendment.

When you say trained individuals, I think of law enforcement, and those individuals have the right to carry in those various locales, Howze maintained. I think that when you begin to bring weapons into those types of areas, into schools and churches, I think it kind of takes away from the purpose of those buildings."
"To find out who your real rulers are, simply look to those whom you CANNOT criticize..."