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I'm extremely familiar with the area, and am frequently within a 5-block radius of it. The South Main District is becoming quite the highbrow spot, with numerous high-end condos, swanky restaurants, and art dealerships. This is not a thug hangout, and except for its close proximity to Beale Street, it is completely unrelated. When I said it's likely not connected to the BSED, I'm saying there's no evidence to convince me otherwise. And since Trayvon seems to be the comparison du jour, automatically likening this to Beale Street would be similar to faulting 7/11 with Trayvon's death.

This thing smells like total crap, and I say hang the kids high. But with this being indicative of a growing problem of black-on-white crime, I don't see it. Just because it's on the news more doesn't mean it's increasingly more prevalent. And Glenn Beck's cohorts writing salacious stories about the crimes won't do anything to solve the problems, nor bring light to their occurrence.

Exactly... It's time to set aside all the politics and BS - going straight to the root of the issue which is the feminine way our system of laws are written and carried out
It's time to start putting these thugs DOWN as soon as they are caught and shown as guilty without more than one day in court!! When this country show'd it truly had a set, it was rarely messed with from within or from outside............now, not so much!
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