Both types have their advantages, and IMO neither really outweighs the other. The key answer to your question is the capacity of the boat. If it is of recent manufacture, you will find a plate in the stern of the boat that lists the maximum horsepower for the boat, and the maximum weight capacity. The maximum weight capacity includes the weight of the motor, gas tank(s), gear such as anchor, life jackets, weight of all persons in the boat, guns, treestands, deer, etc.....

It doesn't take very long for the weight of all of those items to add up. If you exceed the listed weight, you will not be operating safely and could have bad things happen ranging from having your voyage teminated by an officer to perhaps dieing when your boat goes under. It is one of the major things that comes into play with fall/winter boating accidents involving waterfowl hunters. In many cases they are out in rough waters with boats grossly overloaded with people, dogs, guns, decoys, etc., and end up with a swamped and or sunken boat. What that might be just a big adventure in warm July waters turns into a life and death situation due to the hypothermia that sets in so quickly in the cold waters.

Again, the type is much less important than getting one big enough to safely do the job. If you can't afford the size needed, at least have the discipline to make multiple trips hauling stuff where you don't go over the capacity.

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