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I paid $15 per 50 lbs of VNS Wheat seed today. Doesn't that seem a little less than last year?

As stated previously, that sounded higher than what I paid last year.

Today, at the Henry County Farmer's Co-Op on the main drag of Paris . . . . . . . the price per 50 lb bags of VNS Wheat seed was $11.50 per bag.

Your Dickson County Co-Op is charging a 30% higher price than the Co-Op in Paris. Makes no sense to me. If I have to get any later from the Montgomery County Co-Op, I'll bet you it's priced the same as Henry County's. I'm kinda half-way between Clarksville & Paris, so get supplies from both these Co-Ops.

I'd speculate the Humpreys County Co-Op is real close in price to Henry's (as is usually the case). I have to go there sometimes when the others are out of stock.

Not sure who owns which CO-OP but I do know Dickson and Montgomery County are owned differently. We farm in between the two and its night and day on some things.

As far as wheat goes, VNS Red Winter Wheat per bushel, if you can get it much cheaper than $15 per bushel you are doing good (unless you purchase large quantities) and $11 per bushel is a great price. Not sure where your CO-OP gets its supplies from, I would think Lavergne but not sure, but one of us is getting the short end of the stick. Either your "western" TN CO-OPs are either getting a local supply or our "central" region CO-OPs are sticking it to us...either of which are possible. Keep in mind the index price of wheat today was $8.3 per bushel.

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