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It has been a hard transition for me to realign my thought proceess as well. I moved from Wisconsin to join the Army and ended up here. It has been kindof a struggle for me to put all the pieces together to even see deer here. I grew up hunting public land back home. Its just the public land is either mountain rocky stuff here, or just plain overgrown thick nastyness. So from beans and corn and wonderfully managed public land up north to non cut fields and rock face cliffs has been an eye opener for sure.

The hunting is definately different, but I'm slowly learning, still have questions all the time though. I am seeing deer fairly regularly now, but not the numbers or age/sex mix I'm used to. Picking a spot here makes you really hunt hard compared to WI, just find the trail from food-bedding-water, and the trails were beat to the ground and used year after year.

I must not have hunted the same public land as you in WI, down in the SE part of the state it was crowded and lacked deer due to the pressure. I was luck enougn to have a friend that owned some land up near Crivitz, so thats where we hunted.
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