Yeah yeah I know...

Been shooting my bow daily for the last month or so (except last week). I had an infection in my elbow...go figure...that caused me to have issues with my grip, so I'm a bit out of practice.

Bent at 90 degrees I was ok. Full extended was ok. Anything in between was excruciating, couldn't curl two pounds to save my life. Doc put me on antibiotics and gave me a pressure brace and that improved things about 75%.

I'm still a bit wobbly and my bow is old with very little let off so muscle fatigue sets in quickly. Still able to put together decent groups.

Today as I'm practicing I start thinking. I'm going to be on the stand...and then it hit me...I'm going to be on my stand. I can't spread my feet so far apart, so I changed my stance. The result was telling.

Wish I could say I was shooting at the red dot, but am not totally unhappy with the grouping all things considered. Going to try again tomorrow and see where I am. Am I over thinking things or this something that some of you all do as well?

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