Anybody else notice that if you take the government money out of the picture MOST problems go away?

Its highly lucrative to sue the government for environmental causes.

Its highly lucrative to lobby the government for "loans" special tax incentives, subsidies, and payouts.

If the government got out of the business of crony capitalism, (and excessive taxation and regulation) I am betting that an alternative energy supply would be developed within 15 years.

Instead of paying companies to "research" alternative energy, offer a prize for success.

Ex... First company to develop a car engine getting 65 mph with 115hp that is rated for a minimum of 100,000 miles "wins" a patent with 10 years of NO TAXES on the profits of the new development. That would create an incredible frenzy of innovation. Everybody wins. The company with the tax free patent will get enormous profits which can be paid out to share holders and put back into research.

Competing companies that didn't win will need to work HARDER to improve the existing technology and compete by marketing the "new better" engine.
Consumers get cars with better mileage. The nation/world gets an increase in efficiency and a lower net fuel demand lowering prices.
If you can't trust people with freedom, how can you trust them with power ?