Well my friend Richard (he is in the green/yellow shirt)
When he met his girlfriend she already had 2 kids from a previous guy. Adrian (the little kid in the pic) always wanted his mom and didn't really care about the outdoors. He was being raised by his mom, aunt, and grandmother. He played with dolls and stuff only since he didn't have a father figure in his life.
They have been together for about a year and now all he wants to do is fish with us all the time he wants to be around Richard all the time and loves helping us outside.
We were building 2 more kennels for our Bullys and Adrian wanted to help us on everything. It's good to see a young boy wanting to be outdoors and be with the guys.

Since Richard came into their lives they get disciplined just like we used to 20 years ago and they mind and obey adults.

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