A plan to strengthen border security measures in the bipartisan immigration bill easily passed the Senate Monday.

In a 67-27 vote, 15 Republican senators joined most Democrats to end debate on an amendment by GOP Sens. Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota.

The list:

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
John McCain, Ariz.
Jeff Flake, Ariz.
Marco Rubio, Fla.
Mark Kirk, Ill.
Susan Collins, Maine
Roger Wicker, Miss.
Dean Heller, Nevada
Kelly Ayotte, N.H.
Jeffrey Chiesa, N.J.
John Hoeven, N.D.
Lindsey Graham, S.C.
Bob Corker, Tenn.
Lamar Alexander, Tenn.
Orrin Hatch, Utah

"To find out who your real rulers are, simply look to those whom you CANNOT criticize..."