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#3273786 - 06/22/13 11:11 PM Re: Tennessee is doing it [Re: Wildcat]
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 Originally Posted By: Wildcat
 Originally Posted By: RutMan
 Originally Posted By: Wildcat
 Originally Posted By: RutMan
 Originally Posted By: Wildcat
 Originally Posted By: RutMan
 Originally Posted By: Wildcat
 Originally Posted By: RutMan
Diehard did not get anything mixed up WC !! You stated that because those in charge of our tax dollars were supporting and we were taxpayers, that we too were supporting and doing it.

We pay taxes because we are law abiding, we do not get to choose what the legislators or the school admins/teachers do from there.

We can vote, write letters, make calls, run for office, but we as individuals cannot always change things alone.

You assume as you always do that we need to get off our do you know we haven't already ?

Then again.....when your logic and rhetoric is sent back to you, you refuse to answer and dismiss it.

Do what you want others to do before getting on here with your constant diatribe of accusations with no basis of truth because you don't know what anyone here is or is not doing.


Let me make it easier for you.

Read the first post.

Go down and read Die Hard hunters first post and my respond.

Looks like ever YOU missed the boat.

You have got my second post mixed up with my first post. Go re-read it it's right there for everybody to see.

My second post was to Die Hard Hunter.

And now you are blaming me for it like you ALWAYS do. For you all it takes it one single would and it become a mountain.

Don't need to re-read anything, but you obviously can't read period. Just more of your BS as of late where you refuse to answer questions turned back at you and turn what is written to try and make you seem right. I should just stick to my rule of never arguing with an idiot as they will take you to their level and beat you with experience.

Have a good one WC !!! \:D

You just PROVED two points I have made.

You cannot read, you only see what you want to see and nothing more.

First off I pointed out the professor FORCED students to wear something in SUPPORT of something they did NOT believe in.

The upset teacher on here came back with CLASSES offered in WKU, it doesn't say anywhere they were REQUIRED so they are NOT FORCING anybody to do anything. Which is not the same thing. But you missed that too and I didn't ever write it. You then posted that it seems like I should clean up my state. From what, like I said they are NOT FORCING anybody to do anything. Which was the whole point of my first post. I posted to Diehard Hunter who said he was a teacher and asked him what he is doing to change this. I am not a teacher but a taxpayer, I can only go though the school board and State Legislature. I've never been a cop so I could only though Congress and the State Legislature to force them to clean up the "long blue line".

Number two. This is the second time in a month you have called me a name on here.

Since you have done that then I can return the favor. Seems like YOU have become a puppet for someone else over the last couple months.

Were you born stupid or have you spent your life getting to that point ? You have yet to understand anything I said, same as always.

BTW, you called me a liar twice a couple months ago, now it is a puppet. Anytime you wish, we can discuss it in private face to face and see how brave you are then.

Now you ARE threating me.

Like I said you have called me a name twice in the last month and now a third one.

How many more TnDeer rules will you keep breaking???

I TRIED to go private last time and you put it out in public, which is also against the rules. I still have that copied to my hard drive as proof.

1- YOU need to learn definition of a threat and learn how to spell the word.

2- The name calling crap began with you on this site, but you can't seem to grasp that or anything else for that matter.

3- All this has nothing to do with this thread, but more to do with Zija and youngandfree/hogguide.

4- Funny how you break rules here every day, but only lay blame on others.

5- I took it public when you refused to stop sending me PM's like I requested.

6- I have it all saved to little boy.

I'm done with this and you, but place this in your skull. ANY remarks concerning anything we do business wise IS a remark toward my wife as well.

I would refrain from that if I were you.

Very sad who you have turned into Charlie, but you don't know me as well as you may think you do.

IF I have violated any rules by defending myself on here from what all has been said to,toward or about my wife and I.......then tndeer can do whatever it feels necessary.

Nope the name calling calling started with you. I have the thread and it shows you started it. I can prove it.

I have nothing to do with any of your business, maybe it was you that started attacking me because of that.

You made one mistake. You posted it public in less than 1 1/2 minutes BEFORE you PMed me to stop. You forgot the time stamp on the posts. I kept them all and once again can prove it. In fact I have shown the whole thing to a couple friends that are NOT Tndeer members and they can clearly see it the way I am telling it.

You started after me on several threads before I asked you what the hell was going on in the PM. You blew up then and it's been down hill ever since.

Maybe you was right t was about the Zija, but it was not coming from my end, it must have come from your end since I have not said anything about that or hogguide since he left, not once. If I did then find the threads and date them. I kept my word to Ruger that I would not say anything about it again. so It must be you.

The truth just ain't in you !! You're so full of it it is ridiculous. I've got what I need to back what I said, so blow your smoke elsewhere Charlie. I don't know what your problem is, but you don't want it to be me. Be careful turning corners cause that nose should be pretty long by now.
I believe in the sun....even when it isn't shining

I believe in love....even when I don't feel it

I believe in GOD....even when HE is silent

#3273795 - 06/23/13 12:06 AM Re: Tennessee is doing it [Re: RutMan]
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This isn't any of my business, but for crying out loud, stop with the internet tough guy crap.
#3273822 - 06/23/13 06:03 AM Re: Tennessee is doing it [Re: Hangnail]

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Here's my last post on this thread.

I stand by everything I posted and I have had family and friends NOT members of TnDeer read both the 2 threads and the PM's. They agree with everything I have posted.

Rutman attacked me in another thread about the guy carrying his AR-15 in the city limits. Instead of fighting him on the open forum I took it to PM like we are suppose to do. He called me out on the open forum and posted about the PM which are both MAJOR BREAKS in the rules. Not only did I point that out another member caught that too and posted so. Not only that but I never cussed him out, I've posted much worst on the open forum than that PM I send him and others have seen it and agree with me.

Go back and re-read our posts here on this thread, All he's posted about here is against me and not the subject.

By his own posts he is the one that brought up his business, a former member and his wife. Show me anywhere I have brought them up except to answer his posts where he brought them up or I have posted against them. Like I said in the posts I was simply returning the favor AFTER he called me several names because nothing was done about his name calling.

Months ago Ruger got on me, ever since I have not posted on that business or the former member.

It is a shame what has happened here. I met Rutman long ago and we hunted together, He has always been a friend to me on here both on the open forum and though PM's. What has happened the last couple weeks I have no idea. That's the reason I send the PM in the first place, it was asking him what the hell was going on, ( THAT was the so called cussing out part).Things went to crap from there. He's right about one thing, I don't know him like I used to, he's not the same person I used to know.
A Government that does not trust its law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, is itself unworthy of trust..... - James Madison

#3274323 - 06/24/13 07:01 AM Re: Tennessee is doing it [Re: Hangnail]
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 Originally Posted By: Hangnail
This isn't any of my business, but for crying out loud, stop with the internet tough guy crap.

Are you addressing this to me ?
I believe in the sun....even when it isn't shining

I believe in love....even when I don't feel it

I believe in GOD....even when HE is silent

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