Someone in the classifieds asked me to share my recipe...this is not MY recipe but its the one I am using as a basis. It is from Jack Keller's website, he's considered one of the wine experts on a homebrew forum I read. Its for a 1 gallon batch, and can easily be scaled by just multiplying the ingredients by the number of gallons you plan to make.

He doesn't include yeast type in any of his recipes(that I have seen) but people seem to think premier cuvee yeast does a nice job. I plan on using that or maybe Lalvin RC212.

The only differences I plan for the recipe is to up the blackberries by about a pound/gallon in hopes to get a slightly heavier bodied wine and to use a medium toast oak for about a month during the final racking.


4 lb blackberries
2-1/4 lb granulated sugar
1/2 tsp pectic enzyme
1/2 tsp acid blend
1 crushed Campden tablet
7 pts water
wine yeast and nutrient

Pick fully ripe, best quality berries. Wash thoroughly and place in nylon jelly-bag. Mash and squeeze out all juice into primary fermentation vessel. Tie jelly-bag and place in primary fermentation vessel with all ingredients except yeast. Stir well to dissolve sugar, cover well, and set aside for 24 hours. Add yeast, cover, and set aside 5 days, stirring daily. Strain juice from jelly-bag and siphon off sediments into secondary fermentation vessel of dark glass (or wrap clear glass with brown paper), filling only to the upper shoulder of the secondary, and fit airlock. Leftover must should be placed in a 750-ml wine bottle with airlock (a #2 bung fits most wine bottles) and used for topping up. Top up when all danger of foaming over is past. Place in cool (60-65 degrees F.) dark place for three weeks. Rack, allow another two months to finish, then rack again and bottle in dark glass. Allow a year to mature to a nice semi-sec.
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