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My brother lives there. there are deer in the area and some good ones. he sent me a pic of a guy that he knew that killed a 186" buck but that is an anomaly.

the rifle season starts on Aug. 15 in the low country (Charleston) part of the state, but not there. There is plenty of public land there from what my brother tells me, but he doesn't really hunt, so i can't confirm that.

the land where you are will remind you of TN. it is more hilly there, and there are pines and hardwoods mixed in. There are pigs there too and I think on private land you can shoot them at night.

oh and the Sportsman's license is like $58
no pigs around greenville.

there are in Anderson (30 miles away on the interstate). I have seen the sign and the pigs. My dad has a lake house there on Hartwell and his friend owns like 200 acres. he leases it and it has deer and pigs.

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