Bsk, i hunted on the first doe hunt in giles county in 1979 and i had never even seen a pie bald deer over there but the old mines there near the golf course were loaded up with deer and i would see as many as 14 does in one group....something i have never seen since......on the first doe hunt i killed one at sunup and she was an old one at that.....but if i remember correctly on that same hunt there were around 6 pie balds turned in over there. I was amazed! i hunted there very often and i thought i would have seen one before that , but never did! I bow hunted there and missed my first 5 or 6 deer i shot at....i just could not judge the correct distance and always seemed to use the "wrong" pin! lol. \:D
The problem in America is not that ungodly people have said yes to ungodly things, but rather that Godly people have refused to say "no" to ungodly things.