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I think the "new breed" are the self pro-claimed turkey killers, who always have a tag in their vest. In case you wonder what I mean check out the "silence" thread.
One of the biggest problems with hunting today.
I am glad I am not the only one whose skin it gets under.
I can take criticism for my views just fine, but take offense to being called a poacher(wild hogs are a completely different story ) My old man hunted with me a lot this season. Both of us are legally licensed hunters. Now I'm not one to ever brag about the number of longbeards I kill, but of those 8 legal tags, we filled 7 of those in the South Cherokee, two of which were killed the final week of season. Everyone was tagged and checked in, either at the Hiawasse Corner Market in Polk county or online. I also killed a gobbler at Chuck Swan, which was a bonus turkey. You were wise to delete your post, because there may be some out there who are "as" serious a turkey hunter as myself, but I assure you, there is nobody out there "more" serious about it then myself ;\) As for fall turkey hunting, my kin, going back over 150 years in Florida, have had a freshly killed, fried wild turkey on the table every Thanksgiving for as many years. That "Cracker" tradition will continue no matter what state I may reside in.

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