Ever have one of those days you just wish you didn't shoot ? Today was that day for me . Keep in mind we only shot 13 targets . Started off with a straight left 5. Shook it off to not being warmed up . Next target shot a ten but it felt terrible and wasn't anywhere close to the 12 . 3rd target another ten nowhere close to where I was aiming . 4th target 31.5 yards. I was struggling to get my release to go off and instead of letting down , I just kept trying to rip the bow apart and it went off ... Landed 5 inches low and barely caught the target for a 5 . Shot only one 12 and more 8's and 5's than 10's . Finished 15 down .

Had no Idea what happened . I did put some nocks on that I just got on eBay , they were supposed to be bohning but they were in an unmarked baggy . I just checked them and they could be part of the problem , they aren't fitting as tight on the string as my other ones .
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