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#3241855 - 05/08/13 06:56 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: leader]
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 Originally Posted By: leader

I was pretty sure you were a teacher also and you really can't compare teachers to private corporations unfortunately....

Yes you can. If your salary was lowered because your premium was already taken out then they doubled your premium, its no matter what sector you are in.

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#3241863 - 05/08/13 07:14 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: JandSCattleCo]
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It's the same with any job IMO or it would be for me. If you're being treated unfairly and you're not happy with it you should:

A) Work in an intelligent manner to adjust policy
B) Seek alternative employment

Sounds unfair to me as well so I feel sure I'd be unhappy about it.
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#3241866 - 05/08/13 07:17 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: JandSCattleCo]

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On the face of it, it still doesn't appear that you're worse off than others in your field. You just appear to make a little less, which should help you at tax time, yes? But your question is posed as if no other person in your field will be experiencing these raised premiums; I do not think they will be exempt from the increase.
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#3242000 - 05/08/13 09:06 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: fishboy1]
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It happens all the time.
For several years now my insurance premium would rise, on average 14-15% every year. So every year I was making less and less. What raise I got would be offset by rising costs. When I quit that job last year the premium for medical only was $1,210 a month.

Also you say you are paid a lower salary than the market but then you say there is no market in your area for your specialty.

Sounds like if you want to do what you are doing then you can move and make more money or be happy living where you are and working in the field you want to work.

You are fortunate to work in your specialty in the limited market that you say you are in. That is worth a lot.

#3242013 - 05/08/13 09:13 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: huntinkev]
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they do nthe same to me. my wife on paper makes 4k more than me and we both teachers on the same contract and endorsements because they take the medical out of my check.
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#3242037 - 05/08/13 09:44 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: redblood]

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I would first do some research to see if it is legal. Then, I would act accordingly...


I would start looking for another job. I personally have nevr been treated unfairly by an employer...twice. Of course, I have been self employed for the last 40-years.

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#3242044 - 05/08/13 09:54 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: bowriter]
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Seems you're on a level playing field. I have others in my field that have the same salary as me, but they must pay 20-30% of their insurance. I'd be happy with my job.
#3242045 - 05/08/13 09:54 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: fishboy1]
WestTn Huntin'man
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 Originally Posted By: fishboy1
Shop private insurance policies and see if you can get a high deductible policy.

Then see if you can "opt out" of the employer provided health insurance and receive the corresponding additional pay.

You will be trading a full service high cost policy for a policy which only kicks in after say...$2500 or $5000 in medical expenses. BUT your premiums will go down by several hundred dollars a month. Gotta run the math.

Im glad to see that you are trying to work the numbers on your "free" employer provided health insurance and seeing what a "bargain" it is NOT. Take control of your costs and finances!

IMO, Employer provided health insurance (started as a shelter from bad tax policy) is a HUGE reason why health care costs are out of control. When the health care PROVIDER can't tell you what a standard service costs because of insurance rules, you know the system is screwed up.

When I was in a similar situation it worked out best for us. For me to opt. out of my plan and let the wife pick me up on her plan.
Unfortunately teachers have historically been under paid.The classes are bigger and the pressures are higher. THe High Deductible insurance seems to be the only way most employers can keep insurance. Everyone is putting %100 on Obama. The Baby Boomers are getting older their parents are getting older and people are living longer . It is a trend that was bound to happen no matter who was in office. By the way I'm not a Obama fan just a realistic person that saw it coming a long time ago.
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#3242051 - 05/08/13 10:01 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: WestTn Huntin'man]
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I agree with Vermin's posts.

I can't see how any BOD would raise premiums to make a profit for themselves. I'd look more at the insurance provider.
At this stage of KenyaCare most agencies are simply looking to survive.

All the libs I work keep whining about our insurance going up but they are such cool-aid drinkers that they can't fathom it being because of the 'Affordable Healthcare Plan'.
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#3242075 - 05/08/13 10:31 AM Re: Posing a question [Re: huntinkev]
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 Originally Posted By: huntinkev
It happens all the time.
For several years now my insurance premium would rise, on average 14-15% every year. So every year I was making less and less. What raise I got would be offset by rising costs. When I quit that job last year the premium for medical only was $1,210 a month.

ONLY $1210 A MONTH ????

That comes to $14,520 per YEAR...EVERY YEAR even if you don't use much medical services.

Compare that with $210/mo for a high deductible policy or $2520/year.

$14,520 minus the $2520 = $12,000 per YEAR in medical services you must consume in order to break even with a high deductible policy.

So anybody SEE WHY insurance is so high for employer provided policies? People DONT CARE what services cost since they figure "Im paying for it anyway...or my employer is".

Since I have to pay out of pocket for all services until I reach the $2500 deductible amount.... I don't go to the Dr for a runny nose or minor stuff.

Lets contrast the two options.
1. Employer provided..... Costs you $14,520 per year in lower wages and contributions.. if you use it or not. (deductibles and copays are additional) Depending on your coverage, at some point the insurance covers a certain amount of additional services (say 80%) and you pay the rest. Total...MINIMUM $14,520 per year

2. High deductible policy.... Costs $2520 per year out of the family budget if I use it or not. It costs an ADDITIONAL $2500 per year in out of pocket expenses (if services used)... in deductibles and copays before the coverage kicks in.

Total....$2520 if not used, and $5020 if used. At this point the residual coverages kick in 80% of all expenses thereafter up to $10,000 out of pocket then 100% covered. SO the MAX I would be out of pocket per year if I used a lot of medical services would be $10,000+ $2520 Or $12,520

Having the flexibility to shop and choose my own coverage puts about $5000+ in my pocket every year. Pretty good pay raise for doing some shopping and having the discipline to keep$5000 in savings in case I need to use medical services.
If you can't trust people with freedom, how can you trust them with power ?

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