There's been a good discussion in this thread but I wouldn't go so far as to call it an argument and unworthy of discussion.

The Sword is the only weapon of offense in a Christian's armory. The Sword being the word of God, aka our Bible. If you don't have confidence in the only offense weapon that you've're not going to do so well. Sure, we have the shield of faith to protect us from the fiery darts of the devil...but sooner rather than later the devil is going to knock you down or push you into a corner if you never draw the Sword and swing it. All 3 times that Satan was tempting and coming after Jesus, Jesus rebuked him with the Word...."For it is written...". Hebrews tells us that the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword. And it is quick and powerful....but its only good as a weapon against Satan if you use it in the first place.