...but I have a cool story.

I went back to the spot where I killed my only turkey (my first season). I set up in the same spot and immediately have one gobbling. Unfortunately it sounds like he's a ways off. It's kinda a weak gobble so I figure its a jake; but again its my first season and I'm running out of days to hunt.
After calling for awhile the gobbling stopped. So I decided to try to move to him. I moved about 200+ yards in his direction to a small group of trees on th edge of a big field and set up again. I notice movement at the far edge of the field (250 yards away) and see a bobcat apparently hunting the same turkey! I give a quick call and he looks right in my direction! About then the turkey flies diwn from a tree and takes off across the field and into the trees. I look over and the cat is gone too.
No turkey but pretty exciting!