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I do but I shouldn't have drive an hour and a half to hunt, since I'm looking formore spots, when you taking me?
Surely there must be some public land in these counties that has turkeys to hunt.

WRONG! We are not exaggerating this, there are no turkeys. Yes we have public land, LAurel hill wma , 14000 acres of hardwood paradise with some great turkey habitat.

Laurel hill WMA harvest 2006= 44 birds
Laurel hill WMA harvest 2013= 14 birds

Can you see what I'm talking about??

The turkeys in these counties are gone, and the biggest reason nothing has been done is. Because we get no support from the rest of the state. People are ignorant as to what is going on or the fact that they do not care because they have turkeys to hunt And do not care for the rest of the state. People would listen if everybody would "worry" about it and not just the ones that it affects directly. Thats not gonna happen just based on several attitudes we have here. Maybe yall wont have to experience it, i hope you dont.

Access to thousands of acres of prime habitat joining and some not and no birds, but i need to find some better areas? Pure ignorance is the fact as why we cant get anything done to fix it.

But anyway while im looking for "better areas" when will you take me? You must have more birds than you have tags?
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