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People need to really think about this.

Why does Hollywood support higher taxes for the rich so much since they are all rich????


You have to understand in Hollywood the names are the business, they are ever copyrighted.

Here is an example. I'm Wildcat, that's Wildcat LLC. Since I'm a movie star then the name is mine and is copyrighted, it is also my business. Every single thing I do is a write off, a deduction since it is all business. If I go anywhere and there are people taking pictures then it is business and I can write off everything that went into getting me there and all the stuff I wear. Since they take pictures all the time then I can write off everything all the time as a "BUSINESS" deduction.

Take one of the top actress that made $32 MILLION in 2009, she paid a grand total of $28,979 in federal taxes in 2009. She was able to do that because of "business" deductions.

They fully support taxing the rich because they KNOW it will never affect them. Because they personally are the business.

Everybody knows about Charlie Chaplin, right? Suppose a kid is born today and his real name is Charlie Chaplin and later he wants to be in the movies. First he cannot use his real name because it's already copyrighted in Hollywood, he has to change his name.

Ask Arsenio Hall how that worked out.

Hall did not do it right, he did not follow his CPA and lost it all.

My brother is in the show business and ever though he doesn't do all those others do his CPA told him and me how they was able to do it.

Take Julia Roberts , she made a little over $26 million back in 2001 yet she only had to pay a little over $31,000 in federal taxes.
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