In the Hill Country between Holly Springs and Oxford, MS sits Betty Davis Grocery, which, as the sign reads, is your last chance for cold beer before crossing over the over into a county that does not sell cold beer. They also sell BBQ.

I always try to go into BBQ with a open mind, never defaulting to what I expect or what I enjoy most. This isn't Memphis BBQ or even West TN BBQ. The Hill Country of MS, in addition to having its own style of music (Jr Kimbrough, RL Burnside), has its own style of BBQ. The Hill Country has very different roots than the MS Delta. It did not experience the harsh, in-your-face racism that the Delta and much the rest of MS did. Some of the first free Black communities were here. There is also somewhat of a Chinese influence and Eastern European presence as well.

This BBQ has some vinegar overtones with the sauce having definite Asian influence. -very delicate and unique. The sauce is thick, almost like molasses, which is nice because it holds the sandwich together. I thought the meat was slightly mushy for my liking, but overall a very interesting and unique sandwich.
I ate one in my truck and packed another into my turkey camp, deep in the woods of the Hill Country. Think I'll put on some Jr Kimbrough and get up in the morning and try to kill a bird.

It doesn't have to be fun to be fun.

Wild & crazy, can't be stopped. Only the strong will survive.

Keep your knife sharp and your skillet greasy.