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#3199313 - 03/21/13 11:10 AM Anybody here have a pitbull?
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Registered: 08/09/08
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Loc: SouthWest TN

This past weekend I was working out at my farm outside of Memphis cutting down vines and small trees out of a thicket. My girlfriend came out and was watching when she said, "Baby, there's a huge pitbull about 25 feet from you in the woods."

I couldn't see the dog because of all the trees and vines, but I peeked around a few tree trunks and there was a neighbors pit that had gotten out of their backyard.

The pit started baring his teeth and growling at me. I knew not to move fast or turn around, so I reached into my pocket and got my keys and threw them backwards to my girlfriend and told her "Get my Glock out of my truck...but walk backwards very quickly."

By this time the dog had started inching closer, and I pulled my pocket knife out and flicked it open in my right hand, and had my Fiskers tree saw in my left. The dog seemed like he was sizing me up. I'm figuring if he charges I'll zip him with the saw in my left hand and try to get my knife blade into his neck with my right while stepping off the line of attack and to the side and then just keep stabbing him in the neck and torso until he's dead or runs off. But I know, just as Mike Tyson said, "everybody got a plan, until they get hit in the mouth"...

I give a quick look back at my girlfriend and she was digging through my truck (about 50 feet away) trying to find my handgun. I guess I should have been more specific about it's location.

Suddenly the dog charges and I just stand my ground waiting for him to bite into me and the stabbing will begin, but he stopped about 2 feet from me and peeled off to the side and went about 10 feet away and kept growling at me.

I guess that's what they call a "false charge", like a bear will do.

Anyway, then I heard some kids calling for him, and I hollered at them to come get their dog, which they did.

My question: is that normal behaviour for a pit? I've never had one, but if its normal, I'll be keeping a handgun on me from now on.

BTW, I'm really glad I didn't have to kill the dog, especially since the kids that he belonged too were not too far away.
But I need to know more about this breed if I'm going to be facing this type of threat.

Any suggestions or advice or education you can give me?

#3199368 - 03/21/13 11:48 AM Re: Anybody here have a pitbull? [Re: BlackBelt]
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Loc: Shelby County

One will roll over and want his belly scratched, the next one will go for your throat. It is no wonder they are being specially licensed or banned in some areas (Miami if I recall).

My Brother had one from a pup and at one year old it destroyed a teddy bear my brother had hugged. Dog was put down the next day.

For a sad commentary, just google up pit bull attacks.

#3199377 - 03/21/13 11:56 AM Re: Anybody here have a pitbull? [Re: DaveB]
Hunter 257W
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I can't understand why anybody would want the huge financial risk of being sued for everything they own because of a dog. There are hundreds of breeds of dogs to choose from and endless mixed breed dogs available - why would anybody WANT such a high risk breed?

Now having said that, we had a pitbull thrown out at the farm a few years back. It was about 1 year old and male. That was the most irritatingly over friendly dog I have ever seen. It was all over me slobbering and wanting attention every time I left the house. Reminded me of the Looney Tunes characters who would follow the little boss dog around calling him "George" telling everybody how great "George" was. I was George and in that dogs eyes, I could do no wrong and he wanted to be with me every second of his life. \:\)

#3199384 - 03/21/13 12:05 PM Re: Anybody here have a pitbull? [Re: DaveB]
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Registered: 11/28/11
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Loc: gibson

 Originally Posted By: DaveB
One will roll over and want his belly scratched, the next one will go for your throat. It is no wonder they are being specially licensed or banned in some areas (Miami if I recall).

My Brother had one from a pup and at one year old it destroyed a teddy bear my brother had hugged. Dog was put down the next day.

For a sad commentary, just google up pit bull attacks.
Exactly. You just cant trust them.
Skin that one, pilgrim, and I'll get you another!

#3199389 - 03/21/13 12:13 PM Re: Anybody here have a pitbull? [Re: DaveB]
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Loc: east tn

wow. I googled pitbull attacks. Sad indeed.
#3199404 - 03/21/13 12:26 PM Re: Anybody here have a pitbull? [Re: savageman]
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Loc: Millington, TN

In before pit bull fans say it's not the dog, it's how it's raised.
Don't look down, BE down!--Turkeyburd (Prevous 2012)

#3199409 - 03/21/13 12:30 PM Re: Anybody here have a pitbull? [Re: savageman]
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One misconception of pits. MOST attacks reported by pits once a DNA test is done the DNA shows no signs of pit in the blood.
People always just point aggressive with pits.
I have a mutt that looks like a few number of dogs and he is 4. He is the most stubborn dog EVER. I have 3 pitbulls / aka American Bully. They are registered UKC as American PitBull Terrier and ABKC as American Bully.
My wife and I breed them and they prove time and time again to be MUCH better dogs then German sheperds, ST Bernards, Labs, and others.

Most of the time people look at a dog and if it shows it's teeth they instantly say "IT'S A PIT" (when it's actually mutt) pretty much profiling and just listening to the media on pit attacks.
Have you looked up German Sheperd attacks? They are pretty bad. Rottweiler attacks?
It's profiling a dog type when every single breed can turn out the same. It's all in the way they are raised.

All 8 pits we have ever had LOVES playing with kids and other animals. The kids and other kids grab their ears and tails and jump on them and pull their lips. My mutt on the other hand is fine with kids but hates his tail and lips being pulled.

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It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
Albert Einstein

#3199418 - 03/21/13 12:36 PM Re: Anybody here have a pitbull? [Re: 89cherokeelimited]
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Sure am glad it turned out good for all involved.

I will refrain from further comment as it deals with beliefs and you can't argue beliefs.

Just real glad it turned out ok.
Youth is wasted on the young.

#3199420 - 03/21/13 12:37 PM Re: Anybody here have a pitbull? [Re: savageman]
Mud Dauber
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Loc: Tennessee

I have a good friend that has 5 pitbulls and they are all really nice, well behaved dogs. They don't beg for food, won't raid the trash can, won't steal food off the kitchen counter etc.

On the other hand, I have a rescued dog that was apparently being used as a "bait dog" to train pit bulls for fighting. The dog is missing part of her paw and almost had to have a leg amputated. She is also permanently missing hair around her neck where she was tied up tight. She can be a nice dog, but her default disposition is to meet any sign of aggression with overwhelming aggression. If I am walking my dogs and she sees a pitbull, she completely looses her mind in an aggressive rampage. I'm pretty sure this dog has fantasies about enacting revenge upon a pitbull and when she gets in a fight with another dog, its almost like watching a pitbull fight. I guess that's how she was conditioned. She doesn't look like much, but she came up hard.

It doesn't have to be fun to be fun.

Wild & crazy, can't be stopped. Only the strong will survive.

Keep your knife sharp and your skillet greasy.

#3199421 - 03/21/13 12:39 PM Re: Anybody here have a pitbull? [Re: 89cherokeelimited]
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Dogs are animals. I don't trust any of them. People who leave children alone with them should be charged with endangerment.
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