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#3194353 - 03/16/13 11:45 AM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: beachguy]
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 Originally Posted By: beachguy

\:D \:D

Move along, nothing to see here folks!!

#3194354 - 03/16/13 11:45 AM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: Buckykm1]
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I just cant come up with an appropriate reply to this for some reason.
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#3194377 - 03/16/13 12:27 PM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: rabbit hunter]
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 Originally Posted By: rabbit hunter
 Originally Posted By: RUGER
I just saw this thread.

While I respect and support your freedom to express your opinion I disagree with it.

Whether I agree or not doesn't really matter.

What does matter is that I too have personal opinions and beliefs.
In my humble opinion ALOT and I mean EVERYTHING that is wrong with this country is the fact that seemingly everyone has turned away from God.
He is being taken out of schools, courts, factories, you name it.
The devil is doing his best work lately and is winning and winning big time.

About all I can do is say this.
Since I feel that way and I own the joint and have the power to make the decision,,,,,

I for one, will not bow to the devil and his work and I will not push my God back into some forum nobody visits.
I would love it if you had to skip over 15 pages of scripture to find a thread about deer hunting on the general forum.

Someone, maybe just ONE person might get tired of it enough to open and read one.
God might touch this person and who knows maybe they get curious enough to speak to someone and accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.

One person would be worth it all.

I hope that explains my decision enough. If it doesn't, well I can't make it any more simple.

Thank You Ruger!!!

Amen Brother.
JUst finished a 2 day mens conference at our church. Ruger pretty much summed up the message we have been hearing for 2 days. It is time for ALL Good Men to stand up and Speak up. It is the only real hope America and the world has today.
Proverbs 3:27 Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it

#3194386 - 03/16/13 12:50 PM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: Hardwoodmaterials]
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 Originally Posted By: Hardwoodmaterials
That's funny and not even close to what was posted!

If I didn't think it was close enough to the premise of what he posted then I wouldn't have posted it. The subject line of his post speaks for itself.

 Originally Posted By: Hardwoodmaterials
I guess it's easier to keep pushing your own religious views by posting in a common area!

Your issue is that you equate religious people talking about their religion as them pushing their religious views on you. Hunters talk about hunting. Bowhunters talk about bowhunting. Fishermen talk about fishing. Race car owners talk about racing. Sports fans talk about sports. Parents talk about kids. Why shouldn't religious people talk about their religion? Just because someone speaks passionately about something that you don't like or that you are uncomfortable with doesn't mean they are pushing it on you.

The forum description is clearly stated on the Forums page: "TnDeer General Forum - Pretty much anything you want to talk about!" If someone primarily wants to engage in hunting discussions then they might want to ask themselves why they're on a general forum in the first place.

I am not very religious relative to many folks here and elsewhere. However, it's pretty obvious to me what this site and its membership are largely about. TnDeer is different from many other online communities that I have experienced. Religion is a huge part, if not the most important part, of many members' lives here. Despite how others like BH feel about it, it is not something they are willing to compartmentalize or trivialize or marginalize like politics or hobbies like hunting and fishing and cooking and gardening and camping. If someone seeks a mostly secular hunting forum experience, there are plenty of forums on this site and elsewhere on the internet where they can find one.

To me it's simple. This site is what it is. If the subject of religion makes a person really uncomfortable then they probably ought to consider ignoring religious threads or only visiting certain TnDeer forums or spending their time on another site.
“The more I read and the more I listen, the more apparent it is that our society suffers from an alarming degree of public ignorance” - Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

#3194397 - 03/16/13 01:15 PM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: Vermin93]
Gut Bucket
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This is Gut Bucket: I would like to thank everyone who responded to this thread. I will be getting my case of Samuel Adams very soon. My visiting buddy noticed all the religious remarks on here and I told him I could post something on here and get 50 remarks by midnite and 100 by noon today. You guys did not let me down!

Now, on a serious note. I get it! You can believe and post whatever you want, especially on the general forum. As was pointed out, I'm not required to read them. I may not fully understand how anyone can believe the earth and universe are only 5,000 years old...but so what. What I have noticed since I have been on this site is that there are many very kind, generous and thoughtful people here. We do all share a love/passion of nature and hunting, and many carry that into their personal and spiritual belief system. No problem!

Most comments were civil and respectful. A few were not too happy with what they assumed was a disrespectful remark. I got the responses I expected. BUT, one particular one was below the belt when it was suggested that I probably voted for that hurt!

Again, thanks for the beer!
"No, I'm not a good shot, but I shoot often."

Teddy Roosevelt

#3194413 - 03/16/13 01:54 PM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: Gut Bucket]
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So you played us for fools to win a $15 case of beer. I should have hit you below the belt more than once.

You seem to have concluded that many people here believe the earth and universe are 5,000 years old. I have no idea what led you to that conclusion, but at this point I really don't care.

I've never used the "Ignore this user" feature on this site until today. Adios.
“The more I read and the more I listen, the more apparent it is that our society suffers from an alarming degree of public ignorance” - Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

#3194417 - 03/16/13 02:04 PM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: Buckykm1]
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 Originally Posted By: Buckykm1
You know what. This has got to be somebody's joke. The more i think about it, it has to be.

I was right and it was for a case of beer. Some Joke.

Edited by Buckykm1 (03/16/13 03:59 PM)
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#3194423 - 03/16/13 02:11 PM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: Buckykm1]
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I think that was pretty childish. but yeah like you thats my opinion and I respected your opinion even though I thought it was rediculous, after reading why you said and did it well just kinda ticks me off so I too will ignore. If you dared to ever read the BIBLE it can't be ignored what it speaks of and how some things tge good LORD spoke of then are happening now. I guess you have an excuse for that to. like Vermin said, Adios.
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#3194425 - 03/16/13 02:13 PM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: GFY]
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 Originally Posted By: GFY
 Originally Posted By: Bottom Hunter
 Originally Posted By: Hardwoodmaterials
 Originally Posted By: fishboy1

Where he gets off track is the arrogant, disrespectful, ignorant viewpoint that other people's opinions are inferior to his and should be silenced.

Silencing other people's opinions is a lame way of trying to "win" without even looking at your own cards. It is the way of the bully, the lazy, the tyrant, and the child.

This is the definition of religion! It's also why I refuse to participate in the whole thing! Some of you need to look back at the history of religion and you will see that religious groups have always tried to indoctrinate all people and dominate the world for their own benefit. They have also always tried to eliminate free thought and make sure there is a penalty for not bending to their way of thinking. Even this thread proves it.

Gut Bucket has been chastised for nothing more than not believing the way the ones that have posted believe. That is the way the Christian religion and it's followers try to force you in to their beliefs in this day and time. At different points in history they have used the threat of death, fear of eternal damnation and now they use the fear of being cast aside to get even non believers to donate to the church and say they believe anything the church says!

Some of you need to take a good look at the history of your religion before you assume that you are superior to anyone that has a different religious view point.

Religion in all forms historically has been good for one thing, WAR! I don't have to prove it to you. All you have to do is take a look at any historical documents. Now if most of you would stop "stoning" gut Bucket for a minute, step back and take a look at this whole thread I am pretty sure you will find what most are doing is no where near what the bible (that you all say you live by) teaches. I thought it taught acceptance, love and peace but then again they might have rewritten it to suit the times AGAIN!

Before anyone even asks I grew up with a religious family and think the bible has some good life lessons between the covers. I also think most of the 10 commandments are a good guideline to live your life by. BUT I just can't buy into religion as a whole and really find it odd that some try to force it on others just to try to make themselves feel better.

The Christian religions are the bloodiest of all the religions. They are also the most corrupt. I feel sorry for all the "honest" Christians because they seem to get lumped in to the whole "profitable" Christians.

I often wonder why Christians are so insecure .....? Their religion is still the most popular and most profitable of all religions. The three main churches in my tiny little town remodel and add on all the time....seemingly spending a great deal of money to outdo the other, while that money could do a lot of good in the community.

Those insecurities possess power that makes people protest and boycott everything from fast food joints to their fellow man.

And I agree that whether it is as God intended or not, religious groups do tend to bully all others.....contradicting everything religion SHOULD be about, imo.

Religion will not be the saving grace of man but more his downfall.

It is my belief that God will not destroy Earth, but instead Man will in the name of God.

When it comes to faith, those that possess it hold on to it with all their might, even if it means destroying everything around them to do so.

I have doubts about alot of things religions says....But, one thing I do not doubt is that if there truly is a God and He is all we hope that He is, then He is not pleased with how Christianity has changed since the days of Jesus.....


I've heard.......
using a lot.....of................
is a ...................
sign of ...... insecurity.........................

Actually, it is a style of writing that lots of people use. It symbolizes pauses in conversation, much like we were talking to each other.... It is sometimes used to symbolize thought between sentences.....Much needed in some
There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict.

Walk away; the battle they are fighting is not with you, but with themselves.

#3194432 - 03/16/13 02:26 PM Re: IT'S TIME FOR RELIGION TO HAVE IT'S OWN FORUM [Re: catman529]
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 Originally Posted By: catman529
 Originally Posted By: Bottom Hunter
If this was a few years ago, you'd be reading a novel from me about now, or

As for Gut Bucket's request....I don't see it as so "out of line"..

If this is indeed a christian based site, then what better way to show your faith than to have a religious forum for prayer requests, testimonials and passages from the Bible for people to read when they are feeling the need for some uplifting. It just seems that having all the threads right there, easy to find and read, then that would be better than having to search through pages and pages of some of the silly and hate driven topics there usually are in the general forum, right?

If so many OTHER topics deserve their own forum, why not religion?

To me, NOT having a forum specifically for religion, is basically saying that it is not worthy of it's own forum.

Simple prayer requests may still be fine on the general, but topics about religion and Bible verses...etc., might better serve the readers in need of strength if they are more easily accessible.


explain to me why it is a bad idea for prayer and bible verses to be in the general forum.

I bet a separate forum would not be viewed as much and people would overlook things. "Saying that its not worthy of its own forum" - you are right, it's not worthy of its own forum, it deserves better than that. Everyone visits the general forum so everyone can see the prayer requests and verses and if they don't want to see them then they don't have to click on them.

If we need a separate religion forum then we also need a separate liberal forum so we don't have to read your twisted liberal ideals in the general forum. Oh but wait... Liberal ideals are not worthy of their own forum.


if you took the time to read and digest and not skip over certain things to find things to chastice me for then you would know the answer to your question.

I never said anything was a bad idea....what i said was that it seems that if there was a central location (a forum) for people that were in need of uplifting, then it would be easier for them to find what they seek. Much like discussions and tips about other activities have their own forum so people don't have to search 30 pages of the general forum to find a topic on guns or deer hunting tips or even other sports.

if a man needs to come read a testimonial by another member, the religious forum would be a great place to do just that. it seems like if you had things to share about what God has done for you and you wanted to be sure that the people you think should read it could easily find it, then the religious forum would be a place for that.

it's the same thing as posting a thread about wanting to sell a handgun. Sure, people will see it on the general forum, but there are people that do not go to the general forum, so the best place to sell that gun might just be on a forum designed for that purpose, right?

I think a religious forum is a great idea.....not so those that do not believe can be spared from seeing a religious thread on the general forum, but for the believers that somedays need to read things that lift them up and a place where those threads are much easily found and read might work well..

There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict.

Walk away; the battle they are fighting is not with you, but with themselves.

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