The "Bretton Woods" conference in 1944 may very well have been the worse day in history for the free world!

As approximately forty (40) nations on earth were represented by their respective heads of state, bankers, financiers and other conspirators, the "World Bank" and "International Monitary Fund" were born! I'

Bear in mind, This 1944 conference is known as "Bretton Woods Conference". This weas the genesis of the collective plan to bankrupt nations and to create a "super-banking" infrastructure of unimaginal wealth and impunity!

"Bretton Woods II", a recent conference (Act II) held in the same hotel (George Washingtin Hotel) two years ago, was hosted and financially underwritten by George Soros, himself!

Soros' partner, "Joseph Stiglitz," the ex-chief financial Officer for the "World Bank" was heavilly involved as he is a "protege" of (John Maynard Keynes), both macro-economists and both...completely insane!

Soros and Stiglitz called for the destruction of the U.S. Dollar at the second conference, and their Socialist dream will surely come to pass in our nearing future.

Also consider, The Federal reserve has been encouraged by our presidents to print untold hundreds of (BILLIONS) in (USC) whereby they loan it (moneys that costs them nothing) to hundreds of nations on earth, NGO's and other interests at exorbitant interest rates. A global banking mafia has ammased unquatifiable wealth and created sister entities to legitimize it!,00.html
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