I got into fletching arrows about 5yrs ago and I enjoyed it so much it turned into a small community hobby. Youl learn alot thru trial and error. Instead of going to a store and getting acetone I just use finger nail polish remover. Thats all it is is acetone. Cheaper too. I found out, thru some failures that if your shooting a whisker buiscut a to much offset (bohing fletchers) twist too much upon release and will eventually tear your veins off. Even more, you cant get a true arrow flight. So if thats your rest of choice I suggest the Arizona jig thats only 1 degree offset. If your shooting a fall away rest the bohing tower is so easy. 3 degree offset and you can do the whole arrow at once as opposed to their jig, or bitzenburg, or jo jam where its one vein at a time. I have experimented with dozens of glues. (seriously dozens) Had some blow off upon the first shot. Lol. After many tries Fastset Gel is hands down the fastest drying and best holding glue ive yet to use. Theres no possible way you can peel a vein off the shaft with your hand. Just practice with it. You got 7months to perfect it. Holla if u need any help. Dont be sniffing that glue now while ur fletching now and trying to drive down the road. Lol