Jay Leno called Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California out

After the opening theme and credits, Leno walked out onto the stage and said, “Welcome sequestration survivors. Yes!” “As you know, Congress did not reach an agreement,” he continued, “and Congresswoman Maxine Waters said today that 170 million jobs could be lost because of it.” “Now, there are only 155 million workers in America,” Leno explained, “yet, she says we'll lose 170 million jobs."

"Beginning to understand why we're in this situation in the first place now?" he asked. "Is it starting to become clear why everything isn't quite well?”

Leno was of course quite correct, but you have to wonder on how many levels he meant this. On the one hand, as I’ve been writing about for years, most people in Congress – especially on the left side of the aisle! – have absolutely no clue about economic data. As such, it’s not at all surprising that someone like Waters would make an economic point lacking any foundation whatsoever.

Frankly, Democrats do this all the time including the current White House resident.

The bigger issue is that Democrats can make such claims with total impunity because the media is unlikely to call them on it.
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